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Baghdad – BlueShield

Baghdad – BlueShield

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    BlueShields glasses block blue light emission from screens such as iPads, Smartphones and Monitors. These screens emit a surplus of blue light, which can cause headaches, fatigue, and watery eyes. Our BlueShields will boost your productivity and reduce digital eyestrain.

    Baghdad – BlueShields consists of: 90% Plastic, 10% Metal

    The lenses of these screen glasses are made of: 100% Polycarbonate and come with 100 % UV protection to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

    It’s best to wear these lightweight glasses indoors. (Filter Cat. 0)

    These sunglasses are manufactured according to: European Standard BS EN ISO 12312-1: 2013 + A1: 2015


    All our fantastic BlueShields come with a microfiber cleaning pouch.

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