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It can be that simple.


Our original molds and glasses are produced in China. We have an office in Wenzhou that transfers all our production orders to carefully selected manufacturers by our colleagues there.
In this way we can set up and control the entire production process from start (raw materials) to finish (shipping to NL).

What does that mean?

Working Conditions:

Continuous monitoring of a safe working environment, compliance with the applicable Chinese working conditions and salary scales (no joke: they are now almost as strict as with us!).


Controlled purchasing of “green” and, where possible, recycled raw materials. Phasing out of recycled plastic packaging (which you throw away after purchase) to “biodegradable” packaging. We are the first sunglasses manufacturer to do this!

Checks on compliance with environmental legislation in China are stricter than ours: for example, every factory must purify its waste water before it is discharged into the sewer. Chemical and residual waste must be demonstrably safely removed and (re) processed.

Final result:

The production of glasses consists of 80% manual work: from continuous manual control of what is produced by machine to the assembly of the glasses and their final packaging. We take samples from each production run and test them in our own lab. As an extra check, we send random samples to an independent laboratory. They test the glasses against the current European quality standard.

The above of course has its price. Only if we want to pay a fair price to the manufacturer can we expect a product that meets our requirements.
And if we did not check everything ourselves, it is just possible that we would be cheaper for “the same” glasses.
"When you see it you understand it" and vice versa of course.

We therefore also ask you a fair price.

You also need to know that we try to be a transparent brand. Do you have questions, comments or suggestions? Would you like to visit our office, warehouse or our colleagues in China or visit a factory in China yourself? Let us know!

E-mailing rather than calling, but you can do both.

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